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Cyalume Data Sheet

Cyalume Lightsticks
Cyalume Lightsticks offer illumination when you need it most - in emergency situations. It is non-toxic, lightweight, windproof, non-caustic, not a source of ignition, non-corrosive, requires no batteries and even works underwater. The light is liquid and differs from familiar incandescent or "hot" light that converts energy directly to light without heat, flame or spark. It is known as chemiluminescense and it produced when two chemical components are mixed together. Cyalume Lightsticks are an excellent alternative for industrial and emergency light situations like the following:

Hospitals/Nursing Homes

Use in case of blackout or electrical failure as a supplemental emergency light for bed checks, room night lights, patient/personnel evacuation.

  • Convenient storage
  • Gives 8-12 hours of safe dependable light
  • Generates no heat, spark or flame


CYALUME Lightsticks provide a full 3600 of safe, cool light. May be used to illuminate hazardous areas where electrical currents or explosive materials are a concern.

  • Visible through dense smoke

  • Non-toxic

  • Flameless

  • Self-contained

Offices/Hotels/Public Buildings

Emergency light for reading phone dials, directions, locating fuses for circuit breakers, defining exit routes and outlining danger areas.

  • Illuminates stairways & walkways during blackouts

  • Safer than a candle

  • Four-year shelf life


Useful as warning markers, road blocks, exit markers. Hi-intensity CYALUME Lightsticks provide 30 minutes of emergency lighting for administering first aid.

  • Auto & Pedestrian Traffic Control

  • Accident & Warning Markers

  • Windproof

  • Waterproof


Store in your glove compartment for use in emergency situations. The red lightstick is a reliable, easy-to-use substitute for ordinary flares.

  • Requires no batteries

  • Flameless

  • No heat

  • Compact